We, FUSOGOSEI continue to pursue and offer what is required for life
as a maker of "flooring material", "wallpaper" and "home furnishings (tablecloth, etc.)"
Company name : FUSOGOSEI Co., Ltd.
Head office : 1-13-10 Horinouchi,Adachi-ku,Tokyo,Japan
Established : Dec. 15, 1951
Representative : Tetsuo Suzuki, representative director & president
Capital : 10 million Yen
Number of empioyees : 302 (as of the end of December 2012)
Type of business : Manufacture and sales of interior plastic products
Flooring Material
  Cushion vinyl flooring (for residences & stores)
  Hard type vinyl flooring
  Slip prevention vinyl flooring
Home Furnishings
  Shower curtains
  Do-it-yourself flooring product
Head office : 1-13-10 Horinouchi,Adachi-ku,Tokyo,Japan〒123-8505
  : info@fusogosei.co.jp
West Japan sales office : Osaka, Japan
Factories : 3 factories

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